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Boondal Wetlands
Seagrass and mangrove fieldwork

Seagrass transects along the beaches of Boondall wetlands.
Dr. Alice Twomey, University of Queensland

Mangrove forest evaluations at Boondal Wetlands

Magnetic Island
Earthwatch Project- Recovery of the Reef
Globally, coral reefs face mounting threats from acidification, pollution, and warming seas. Coastal reefs, like those near Magnetic Island and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, are overwhelmed by macroalgae ('seaweed').

Wearing wetsuits and dive gear, we went to specific locations in Arthur Bay or Florence Bay, where SCUBA divers collected macroalgae, and snorkelers exchanged their full bags with empty ones to optimize efficiency, then we transported the harvested algae to the research boat for weighing.